My son’s illness started in April of 2016. During that week, he experienced insomnia. I didn’t think too much of it since it has happened before. Looking back in my past notes, it was a pattern towards the end of the school year. Monday rolled around and he looked at me as if he didn’t know me. Skills that he learned perfectly without prompt, became a complete blur to him. 

It would take a month for an evaluation, So in the mean time I called his doctor. By then hallucinating, not sleeping, and no responses became the norm. The complete opposite of his regular self.

  I started to cry when I looked at his doctor and he looked more puzzled that I was. Then he asked, “Is there a history of Schizophrenia?” I managed to get a “No” through my tears, then he gave me a script for Seroquel until his evaluation.

His evaluation came and it was a lot of questions, even about his sister. The doctor was so quick to say Bipolar since there was a  history of it in the family. I was struggling to believe that something like this could happen overnight. He was becoming worse with the medication, and The Psychiatrist wasn’t much help either. Still, I gave it well over a month with the new medication then I got a second opinion. They continued with the Seroquel but added on Depakote.

 It started to get out of hand and I was seeing aggression. He would scream hit and kick me all the time. I canceled my team meeting because I didn’t want anyone to the see the bruises I had. He woke with a night terror on one occasion and put his head through the shower. The final straw he managed to elope from the house. He was in mental distress by that weekend, from being awake for two days straight.

We went to the hospital and I let the doctor know everything up to this point, even all the tests and blood work we had done.  Crisis came in and I felt that lump in my throat. I completely forgot I spoke to someone just days before. He said he talked to the doctor into giving him something to sleep.

They tried Ativan and that didn’t even phase him. Then it was Haldol and Benadryl.  The doctor explained to me to rush him home to sleep because I’d never get him in the house myself he would be dead weight. He was right. I had to park right out front and carry him in the house. In between waking him to have fluids and taking him to the bathroom, he slept for sixteen hours. I took that time to remember to breathe and make phone calls to check in with his doctors and psychiatrist. We decided to stop the Seroquel and leave him on the Depakote.

After a few days on  the Depakote and the Haldol he seemed to do really well. The aggression had stopped, and he seemed more like himself. He felt the need to apologize constantly, I reassured him there was no need to and he will always be my best friend. We managed to get through our sleep test and he woke five times to removed his wires. I know that had to be frustrating for the nurses but they were so awesome with him. The only thing there was to do left is wait for the results. I was confident they would find something.

Two weeks later,  we had to call the ambulance again. He was struggling to walk and talk. The ER doctor felt it was a bad reaction the Haldol.  They gave me results to his blood work to give to his psychiatrist, but before we got to the appointment his body totally locked up and we had to use a wheel chair to get him in to see her. We had to stop the medicane immediately, and We were given another drug to get it out of his system. That’s when he looked at me in pain and said, “Fix Me Mommy”

Our local pharmacy was so sweet and kind to us. It was all ready before we even got there. When I gave him the pill while still in the car he wouldn’t open his mouth right away, and started fighting with his own body cause at that point he couldn’t move at all. I said, “Pooh you got to take this, your body will relax and you can walk again” He closed his eyes like he didn’t trust what I just said but he took the pill. We drove home and all I could do was cry, it was a very quiet cry…. I didn’t want to upset him anymore than I knew he already was.

Fix Me Mommy
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