My son slept from 7pm till about 6 in the morning. It was such a beautiful sight opening my eyes to see him standing and saying, “I’m starving Marvin mommy” with that adorable cheesy grin on his face. I stood up quickly to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and watched him walk to the kitchen; he stopped and looked back at me to make sure I was coming. He then asked for a Pop Tart and chocolate milk. I’m not thrilled about him having that much sugar but hey I was so happy he was walking and not being aggressive I really didn’t care at that moment so he got it.

Since my son escaped out of the house one to many times. Seems we needed a letter from his family doctor for the insurance saying a nurse was needed through the night and his doctor was refusing to do it, “What the hell, why not?” was the first words that came out of my mouth. It was explained to me the doctor felt this was a behavior and not a medical issue, so I would have to take it up with his psychiatrist. In my sarcastic tone, I told them, “Well the insurance is going to have a problem with that since they are telling me this has to come from his doctor” Great! now what! He still getting up and I go back to work in a month.

I confirmed the story with the nursing agency I had plans to go with. She gave me something to work with.  I called his psychiatrist to FYI the information to them.  Then of course me being the way I am, I got to have the last say. I spoke to the insurance and I made them aware, “I’ve never asked for anything when it came to my son, but go ahead deny it;  I’ll have to leave my job, and it will be your fault.. If you want a bad reputation of causing that, it doesn’t matter to me.

His sleep test results were next on the list. With a notebook in hand and a copy of the report in the other, and reaching out to my mother on Facebook, she helped me translate the report. Overall his numbers were off, this has to mean something. While we waited for the doctor my son sat across from me, he smiled but I could tell I wouldn’t have taken much for him to take another nap. He started to bounce, flap his hands when I promised him a slushy.

The doctor came in and went over the test. She has no experience in Autism and thought it was good that I have him on the wait list to go to Hershey to be evaluated. I left more confused than what I was before I went in for the appointment. Still no answers.

Next was his follow-up with his medication check. He had a lot of napping but no aggression.  I felt an anxiety attack coming on, and terrified they would find something wrong and have to change his medicine. Our next appointment was to be scheduled in a month, and we got our letter for the nurse. Things are turning around.

A day later I got a call from the nursing agency. They said it went through, and what do I do? I cry (out of happiness) and dropped to the floor. Not sure why that happened, pure exhaustion I guess that I finally made something go right. So I still have a job, and can sleep.

After a month it was our first day of school and my first day back to work. I wont lie; this was about the worse summer ever. My poor son couldn’t move on to learning anything new, and we couldn’t create any good memories. My stomach is in knots worrying how he will do, or if his memory will disappear again. It’s a sick and helpless feeling. But work gave me the chance to forget things for a while.







There Can Be Rainbows After The Storm
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