Labor Day weekend had some mixed emotions. My daughter, Jenny went to first rock concert with her karate instructor. While we were waiting, my son, saw my estranged daughter coming out of her home. It was sad to see her, as she seem to have lost care in herself. I was questioning in my own mind why she wants nothing to do with me, that’s when I heard him say,  “Susan mad at me, I hope she okay” (not her real name) then looked as if he was about to cry. I stopped the car, and hugged him and reassured no one could be mad at him. My heart just broke. How do you even explain that to an autistic child? That was the one time I wish he didn’t have his memory.

I tried to redirect  him, and ask what he wanted to do. His face lit up some and said “toys?” He loves looking for different toys in stores. The remarks he makes that it’s snowing out and thinks it Christmas, that’s a bit of a concern,  even scares me little. But we had a nice time together.

After some pizza, and toy shopping, we did a trip to the grocery store. I was anxious to try teaching him how to find products in the store. His teacher said, I can make pictures from goggle, and guide him to the isle and let him match them up with the product.  He was just a bit nervous when other customers were in the isle, but other than that he did a great job!

Our next stop was to pump gas. This was only his second time doing it, and he’s gotten the right idea. We had a little issue with him trying to hug everyone. But that is who he is and I was happy to see it. In addition, he also asked if he could make a cake with sprinkles.

Other than some mild attitude issues, (I felt it was teenage moments) this week has been pretty good, I can’t say normal that’s just a setting on a dryer. But I’ll take it any day.



Grocery Store matching                                                                   Practicing for real life


Moving On, For The Best on Labor Day Weekend
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