It seemed to be a pleasant weekend this week. My interest was into taking Bill out into the community. He was already asking for the hair dresser “Ms Rhonda” by Friday.

She  was working Saturday Morning, and Bill welcomed her with open arms. They made small talk, and she started cutting his hair.  She prompt him back to wash his hair and that’s when it started. As a result, Bill starts teasing her as usual and hollers. “I surrender, I surrender”  Some customers looked at me in concern and I usually have to explain its a teasing thing between the two of them, and it gives me a chance to talk about autism. I explained, It use to take three of us to hold him down to shave him. The concerns turn quickly, and they all agreement he has come along way.

Usually I leave it up to Bill what he is up for. What I could do with him last week, I may not be able to do this week. and that’s okay. He’s at least getting exposure in the community.

We stopped at Kmart to name off some toys, Then we went to the Dollar General for some cleaning supplies. He was so happy to be out he was waving at everyone. A lot of people waved back, some were just mean and didn’t respond back. He would stop in his tracks when that happened and hung his head.  I assured him that he was awesome and that he was being so nice, people can just be mean. And I made sure they heard me.

He did ask for some new items. Medicine was one of them.  He pointed to a rash he had and stated it was “itchy” he thought hand soap was  what he needed and started to get it from the shelf. I told him that was an awesome try, but showed him what he needed. I got a kick out of the glances from some of the customers  in the isle when I was teaching him to say “Benadryl”  it didn’t bother me, I was more into the fact he got it.

In-between wanting hugs, cleaning and over all my attention, I’ve been working on making social stories and folders for him to do.  Since April when the regression started I haven’t been able to do anything extra, so it was nice working on them again. Makes me feel useful in his life. This week in school, things are looking good. His behavior has been awesome and nothing major (knock on wood) as happened. I’m seeing more and more of that awesome smile of his that just makes all those issues go away.






Out Into The Community
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