It felt like a very long week since my last post.  I tried to get myself psyched to go to work as well as getting Pooh (that’s his nickname at home) ready for school. His cue from me was, “Friday, we have one more day.”  And that’s when it happened………some healing words Jenny and I didn’t expect.

14310401_10210712153383736_2366261535726307635_oHe grabbed my face so gently and said, “Mommy my best friend.” I wanted to cry, but  if I did he would think he did something wrong. So I kept my voice high and let him know he was my best friend too. Those sweet words from him eased my mind that there was no resentment towards me after everything. It was something I  worried about. Five months. That was too long. My daughter Jenny, managed to get the moment on camera . She knew I would want it.

By Saturday we went to the Autism Fair.  When they were little, and we would go. Hand in hand Jenny would guide her brother everywhere. Now she seemed only interested in going her own way, and Bill is sort of the same way. Its a little sad but all part of life I guess.

Pooh went and had his picture taken with some of the Star War characters, last year he wouldn’t give them the time of day. Progress big or small, it’s still  awesome in my book.  🙂

Planning on taking a sick day Monday, My student at school wont be there, and its rare he’s out. So I’m setting up a day for me. Planning  some doctor appointments and have lunch out with maybe a nice glass of wine. It’s going to seem weird and I know, and I’m going to feel guilty about it, but  I didn’t take a chance to breathe after everything. Since April, its been one long emotional rollercoaster ride.  So for me to admit that, says a lot, I’m a very stubborn person 🙂  so I must be over due.





Autism Fair And A Sweet Moment
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