I got off work,  feeling sorry for myself. Two appointments, it’s pushing 5 pm, I know there was no way anyone would have enough sense to start dinner, let alone do any picking up around the house. I wanted to go to Target to get something up for myself and Pooh was with me. The crowds were starting to annoy me, and I was getting frustrated. I looked at Pooh, and he seemed to be handling it better than I was, and that’s when I heard him say. “Toys please” I looked over, and his voice was so sweet I just couldn’t refuse even though I didn’t want to.
His version of looking at the toys, we had to go up and down the isles. I started to get into it more watching his face light up. That’s when he stopped in front of the whole set of Justice League dolls. He began to put it in the cart. I saw the price was fifty dollars. “That’s a bit much, how about we buy one each week as long as you make good choices,”  He seemed okay with that, and picked up the Wonder Woman doll.
A woman approached me and asked if that was the last doll.  She explained her daughter has autism, and only wants Wonder Woman.  I didn’t give it a thought and handed it to her and said, “I totally insist you take the toy.” She seemed grateful but concerned how Pooh would handle it. He started to get an attitude  and said, “I want Wonder Woman.” Quickly I replied, “Oh no, we share, and we can find another doll somewhere else.” His eyes dropped like he realized what he did and quietly said, “I share Wonder Woman.”
I told him because he made a good choice I was going to buy the fifty dollar set.
The woman looked at me confused so I took it she overheard me refusing earlier. I explained he made a fantastic choice to share. I have to use this as a positive reinforcement. She looked at him in tears and hugged him. He started to flap like he always does after a hug, and in shock, she asked, “He has autism too?” My smile said plenty, and she couldn’t hold back anymore and started to cry. She thanked us both and left. Pooh knew he did well and bounced the rest of the way through the store.
While in line,  I realized I spent well over 100 dollars,  But I looked over to a happy boy, and it didn’t matter so much. I remembered how one year I lived in the projects and everything came from the dollar store. So I was happy I could provide a decent Christmas for him.
As we were loading up to pay for our stuff, I heard the woman stopping us from going any further. She dug through her purse and pulled out two twenty-five dollar coupons. She told the cashier to use them for me. And they said they couldn’t they could only use one. She proceeded to hold up the line and explain to the cashier what Pooh had done. The clerk replied, “I can’t say no after hearing that.”  While grabbing my bags, I can hear her telling Pooh, “Merry Christmas, it’s the least I can do.” Before I could thank her, she was already gone.
When I got home, dinner still needed to be done, and the house was a mess. It didn’t seem to bother me like before.  Witnessing a  moment like that, nothing could bother me.

What Christmas Is Really About
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  • December 19, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    What a wonderful story!


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