Last week I got word from his teacher. Pooh is so close to re-mastering everything he lost over the summer. They plan to start picking new stuff for him, and we can start looking ahead. It felt really good having some good news for once. Seems like the New Year is starting off right for me.

Jenny seems to be doing well too. we had to do a little medicine increase. Doctor said it was nothing to be concerned about, It seems to be her hormones  during her female cycles make it like the medicine isn’t helping at all. I even went through her room this month to make sure she didn’t have anything to harm herself. Not only did I not find anything, she willingly threw up her sleeves and there was no cuts. Before I could think I started to cry. Careful with my words, I asked her if its controlled, she said it was.

My therapy is going well. I’m going for an evaluation this week, She thinks it would be a good idea and I’m long over due. We are looking at some anxiety and PTSD. This whole thing has possibly deep-rooted some issues from being abused a long time ago. So it was nice to hear It wasn’t me like my husband accuses me of.

College is starting off well. I’m anxious to get to my associates degree so I can’t start thinking about the future. My mind races all the time with ideas and plans I would love to do for the community. I guess that’s a good thing 🙂

Now that the holidays are over I’m planning on my posts to be more regular about what Pooh has been taught out in the community by me and what we have found in our journeys.

I’m working on growing Autism Momma. We are starting off with a list of resources  containing  free PECS and schedules  to check out. My plan is to add-on apps and other material that will be useful to everyone. Also I’m digging up some quick recipes and some DIY ideas. If you have something you would like to add to the blog feel free to let me know. I hope everyone has a great week! xx







Starting The New Year With Good News For A Change
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  • January 16, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Great blog! So happy for you that things are coming together for you


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