One of the teachers I work with asked me if I was ready for summer break. That’s when I realized its been a year since Poohs unexplained regression, so in reality, I have worked straight through.

I feel more exhausted mentally, and that’s the worst kind. When all this started, Jenny entering a mental hospital then Poohs regression. Keeping a level head at my job when I just felt like standing in the middle of the school playground and scream WHY???

Now a year later, things seem to have settled (knock on wood) Jenny’s stable with her medication, her therapy is spacing apart, and Pooh has caught up to where he was last year.

I’m even trying to look ahead in his future.  He’s 16; programs are already running thin. What’s going to happen by the time he’s 18? Then there is welfare; I don’t want it to be his primary source of income. Yep, my anxiety is up a little 🙂

Trying to stay focused over the weekend, I stopped at the Dollar Store with Pooh where he is well known. I stopped one of the managers and asked if it was even possible if he could work and I would do his job coaching. She didn’t even bat an eyelash and said sure, might be only 5 hours a week. I started to cry and felt a little foolish cause I thought it would be more difficult. But it looks like I’m going to make it happen.

We practiced pumping gas, and started taking Fridays just for him to pick out what he wants for his lunch for the following week. Its been very successful and has caused him to change what he wants instead of wanting the same old thing every day.

College is still moving along; I had to repeat algebra. Do we use that stuff? (sigh) but the intro to computers is my second class, and I feel like I’ve been waiting forever LOL.

I want to thank everyone for reading and sharing. Have a great week


It’s Been A Year Already And We Are Moving On

One thought on “It’s Been A Year Already And We Are Moving On

  • April 9, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Wow! What a journey and how proud you must be of your kids and yourself! You are a born teacher. This is excellent!


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