We had the autism walk last week, and yesterday was the Special Olympics. My anxiety was at a high thinking about last year, when he couldn’t do too much of anything. The lost look on his face not knowing who anyone was, not even me. It was too much to handle.
Yesterday, I was able to get away for some time and watch him at some of his events. I was happy to see he could still spot me in a crowd, he hand flapped and bounced  when our eyes met and continued with what he had to do.

He was set up to do the 100-meter run. I knew he ran well, but with it being unusually cold out it was going to be too much for him. He seemed more worried about his hoodie falling off than running. It didn’t matter to me I was in tears (they were happy tears) he was able to complete the run.

His teacher said he did the obstacle jump. I somehow missed that one but he looked awesome and focused by the picture she sent me.
The last obstacle was the ball throw. In the crowd I could tell which one was him when the ball went higher than farther. 🙂

It didn’t matter at that point it was cold and rainy. It didn’t even matter there is a divorce in the future. I was just happy I got him back. It gave me hope and to move on.




Special Olympics Time
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