My new obstacle I had this week had to do with my daughter Jenny. She seemed to take a few steps back on the self-harming. I got a call from her school saying they saw a few marks on her and when they took her to the nurse they said it looked infected.
I remember running in my head anything I’ve said or done to make her go back to that again. Then those haunting words my husband saying everything is my fault rang in my ears. When she came home, I told her that her counselor called. She responded, “I don’t want to talk about it” That’s my cue it’s too much right now, so I let it go for the time being.
Later she let me know she wasn’t well. She had been in some pain, and we ended up at urgent care. They felt it was IBS and it usually relates to anxiety. PSSA testing was that week, so that seemed to make sense to me. We went home with prescriptions, and she was to rest. I was told to follow-up with Women’s Care and went as far as making the appointment, but  we were in the ER before that because the pain was too much. They ruled out everything from cancer to leukemia, appendix to bowl obstruction.
They ended up finding a polyp on her ovaries and felt a cyst had formed. It seemed to be what was making her ill. She had no energy and was sleeping 10 to 16 hours at a time.
Eventually,  she started to seem more like herself; I agreed to let her go back to karate, But by the time class was over. She was in tears from the pain.
I called the doctor. They asked me if I knew her liver was large. In a panic, I managed to let them know the ER failed to let me know that or she never would have went to karate.
She’s just to rest for now and I have to follow-up with her regular doctor hoping the infection (or whatever  this is) is out of her system.
Pooh is doing well. This last week he mastered 12 targets.  So he finished strong. He had a doctor’s appointment with his family doctor this past week, and he’s outgrown his asthma and hit the five foot eight in inch mark as far as his height. The doctor ended the appointment with a pat on my back saying, “Good Job Mom” that was music to my ears.
We started with our another psychiatrist to teach me skills when he starts his job and how to handle trauma.  Pooh seemed to find the words to tell me some issues that happened when he was in middle school. So I feel this was the cause of the regression last year. The doctor even added on the diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder, since He was  able to talk about the trauma  her as well. I was relieved, it validated everything.
The psychiatrist gave me a  homework assignment to find pictures to show different people can have the same names. So he isn’t so stuck on the one person who he claimed caused the trauma. Hopefully, this will help him to move on and heal.
 Now I’m furious because it seems since so much time has passed no one will even look into the claim, now that Pooh can find the words to say what happened. The system failed me again. I cant help but wonder if there is a bit of discrimination in this and a time frame is there excuse.




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