Sorry its been awhile so much has happened lately!

For starters, Direct Loan approved me to buy a home. The realtor I’m working with seemed to have the heart for the kids and couldn’t wait to tell us. The amazing part was it was for $204,000. I couldn’t help but be emotional. I did it!

We started looking for homes the next day. I looked for signs with the kids what would be our home. I wanted it to be special, have a meaning of healing in our lives. The moment I started to  lose hope,  the last home we walked into, Jenny looked right at me, before seeing everything and said, “This is home.”

That Saturday, I was required to take a homeowner class for the state.  Taking the class was a big deal, and I didn’t want to do anything to mess it up. The best part of it as they let me bring Pooh. His behavior was remarkable!

My best friend
My side kick joining me in homeowners class

Shortly after the class, we put our bid in the house. They counter offered, but we got it for still less than what they originally had listed. I cant believe I did it! I’m a homeowner!

Anything is possible
We did it!

Next steps are the inspection and closing, so I’m hoping everything goes well and we can be in our home by September.

Later that week, we had a small setback with my daughter. I received word that her karate instructor passed away too young. Jenny is taking it hard as he was the closest thing to a father she has ever experienced.

They have a memorial service on Thursday, it will be kid-friendly, and all the students have to wear their karate shirts and belts. I started to tell Jenny if she thought it would be too much for her I’m sure her instructor would understand. She looked at me with hurt in her eyes and said, “No I have to go” I knew why she never got to grieve for her real father. After our conversation, she slept, almost two days. I had to wake her for fluids and tried to get her to eat. Then, she would go back to sleep

By the third day, I insisted her to get up and to stay up. She talked a little more and expressed herself.

As a precaution,  I contacted her therapist and school counselor to check on her to be sure.


Thanks for reading and have a great week!


We Did It We Bought a Home!
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  • August 26, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Thank you so much. That’s is what we are hope for.


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