The kids and I snuck up to our new home over the weekend. It secured everything seeing the workers there building steps for the children. It gave a little reality that I bought a home, it was an exciting nervous.

Met with the agency on Monday who gave me the loan for the home. I gave them receipts That I paid the inspection ($300.00) and my good faith money ($500.00) Also some new bank statements and paystubs. Proudly I showed her I had taken care of the home owners insurance, and payments were going to get taken out of my account monthly. I told her I was meeting with the insurance on Thursday to take care of the car insurance.

I knew things were going too well because we hit a snag and the state want the home owner insurance paid in full. (Another 700.00) WTH!!!! Thank goodness for my medication that’s all I have to say. Practicing my coping skills I tried to figure out how I can come up with another seven hundred dollars.

The last thing I want to do is pull it from my kid’s money. I planned to get them some new stuff, so they had no reminders or have triggers of the past. Starting fresh would be a good beginning to healing. So I emailed my advocate from the battered shelter to see if the agency could help me. I didn’t want to go this route but looks like I have too.

Today is Wednesday, and I feel like I’ve pulled in a full week mentally. I did accomplish filling out paperwork to get my college paid for by my job, I had an appointment to see my advocate and gave her what she needed to get the money for the insurance, Pooh has his trauma therapy tonight with my medicine check. Tomorrow I see my therapist and hopefully Friday I can take a break from it all. Unless I get the call, they decide to settle on the house by then.

Nevertheless, I passed my next set of classes. I start again on October 2nd which is perfect. We should be in the new house by then.

Pooh and Jenny are doing well. It feels complete seeing them at the same school where I work doing their thing. Poohs teacher said hes bumping up to three step direction which was very difficult before. That alone is a huge progress. Jenny is doing well. Its been a shock to her system starting high school. She asked for a break today. So I told her she could. I have to find her another therapist for her. That’s a long story so Ill save that for another blog post. I’m already at 450 words LOL
I want to thank everyone for their messages of comfort the shares and loads of support.

Kids And I Will Be Home Soon
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