This week I managed to get my homeowners insurance figured out and paid in full. By Friday I turned everything to the relator. So now, I just have to wait to get called in for my settlement date, then we can start moving in.

Pooh has already noticed the boxes. He looks a little confused as to what is going on. I’ve tried to prepare him up to this point but I guess it’s different now, and a sense of reality makes it hard for him to understand.

“Keep me safe Mommy” is what he says when he is scared and wants a sense of validation everything is going to be okay.
I’ve been telling him; I will always keep you safe that is why we are moving. We are going to be so much happier in our new home. Your toys will come with us. Your clothes Jenny will be with us and so will mommy.

When we first saw the house, he couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a bed. It seemed to be stuck in his mind because he brought it up again. I can only imagine what is going through in his mind. Something like, mom wants to move into this house, and there is nothing in it. That has to be hard on him to understand.

Jenny is getting impatient and keeps asking when are we going. I assure her as soon as we settle. It has been a delayed reaction of excitement with her. She showed little reaction at first when I told her we were going to move. Confused and wondering if it was what she wanted. Assured by one of the therapists it was her Bipolar. She is all wired about it after the fact and hadn’t stopped talking.

This weekend Pooh and I went to the Autism fair. It was a nice to see everyone who I’ve known over the years that  have helped my son. He loved all the attention and amazement on how much he has grown.

When we walked down the hall he stopped to look in one of the rooms and said, “What the heck, how can that be?” I followed his eyes, and there was R2D2, moving around on the floor playing with the kids.  I asked Pooh if he wanted to see it. Immediately he said, Sure.”

He still seemed pretty confused but very happy, that all that mattered.

We had lunch at the fair, and they had all Pooh’s favorite foods I let him have at it he was having a great day regardless of the crowd.. We never could finish everything at the fair in the past, because of problem behaviors. So that is a big deal.

Here is to a great week to everyone and we settle on our new home. xx





First Time Homeowner Getting Away From It All At The Autism Fair
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One thought on “First Time Homeowner Getting Away From It All At The Autism Fair

  • September 18, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    I am so happy on your journey that you are taking. Only good, positive things will happen on this great change. Congrats on your new journey! Wishing you only the best!


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