Pooh and I went to therapy last week and I felt a little more eager to go. I had a lot more positive to send her way and she seemed pretty happy with what I told her.

“He’s been more verbal, and expressing himself has been amazing. His little one liners that make you laugh show his sense of humor is back to where it was before his regression.”

Even his grades have been amazing. The verbal behavior grade has been at an A since we moved. Usually he holds a B or a C. He still doesn’t speak of the soon to be ex. So, I think his way he knows, and since he so tuned into me, felt the emptiness as I did.”

The therapist seemed happy with what I told her, then gave paper and markers to Pooh and asked him to draw a picture of his family. He had the look of confusion then we made eye contact hoping I’d help him.

She caught the look and said, “Okay how about making a picture of your mom” he smiled and went right into drawing. It was cute. Curly hair with large lips. Even though I have straight hair and no lips LOL.

She continued with the next sheet of paper and she told him to draw Jenny, then himself.

“He doesn’t know what a family is” was her responds to the session. And there is some anxiety in the house he drew because there is no windows and doors. Plainly because that’s all he sees right now. I agreed that could be the case because he  doesn’t go through the house and all the rooms unless he has to go to the bathroom and he will only goes to his bedroom unless he goes to bed.

She suggested taking his pictures and put them in frames hang them where he can see them with a sign that says family.

I have the pictures up, Ill be out to shop for a family sign.

Learning What A Family is
Poohs Awesome Artwork

Cant say I blame him for being in the dark what a family is. Sometimes I question it myself. But like everything else. Ill teach it to him.


He Doesnt Seem To Know What A Family Is
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One thought on “He Doesnt Seem To Know What A Family Is

  • January 29, 2018 at 2:05 am

    I know you will teach him. This is such a new experience for all of you. There is no doubt in my mind that as time goes on he will learn and understand.


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