Monday I got word at work Jenny past out at lunch. She was taken by ambulance, and the doctor told me all her tests were normal. There was a concern about her nails, they were a different color showing lack of nutrition.  She finally admitted the only thing she ate that day is her medicine  and coffee.

Her physiatrist reviewed her and put in a request to Jennys family doctor to give us a referral for a nutritionist, and tweaked her medicine. She’s to obsessive about her weight and I’m sure the pressures of the teenage years isn’t helping much neither.

Then last week we had a big snow storm. It was enough to give us a no school that day, so I was extra excited for the chance to stay home and work on the house. By morning, the house was cold. I checked  the temperature it was fifty nine degrees.

In a panic I didn’t know what to do. I managed to use the stove and wash clothes to barley get it seventy degrees which was comfortable, Now what.

I found someone who was willing to come over in the snow,  and figure out what was wrong. He wasn’t in the basement anymore than fifteen minutes and came back up to tell me the news. “Your out of oil”

 He motioned me to come with him back to the basement so I could see the tank was a working oil tank, he added a new filter was going  be needed and the lines bled since it was completely dry. It cost over two hundred dollars to fix, and that included 30 gallons of oil to hold us over till I could get someone to fill the tank. Good thing I just had our taxes done. Id be in serious trouble.

I chalked it up as a learning experience, spite some laughter from oil companies when I had to explain why I let the tank go empty.

But you can bet I glance at that gauge now to make sure we are in good shape in between washing clothes.

Poor Pooh came down with a viral infection this past week. Hes still struggling with it, and sounds a little froggy. So I didn’t put him through any therapy this week. Not really surprised with this crazy weather. Two days ago it was seventy degrees now it snowing.


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Nutrition And Oil, Its Needed
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One thought on “Nutrition And Oil, Its Needed

  • February 18, 2018 at 10:27 pm

    Great blog and what a learning experience! You have experienced so much this year that you are growing by leaps and bounds. So proud.


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