This week was pretty full even though we had an extra day off from school.

I wanted to get another dog for Pj. Her anxiety has been up since we moved and constantly getting into the trash. So I thought another playmate would make her happy. She is very motherly so I didn’t see it being a problem, or so I

Our new addition to the family



We managed to find a Shuiba Inu who is three-month old. There was other puppies around and the one who stood out in the crowd came up to Pooh and sat between his legs and didn’t move. Pooh looked down and said, “That’s Charlie” (Movie from All Dogs Go To Heaven) I took it as a sign and chose the dog and of course we named him “Charlie”

I called Jenny to let her know I found a dog that I thought she would be happy with. When I told her what kind it was she immediately cried. When I asked her if it was a bad thing, she said no it was the kind of dog she always wanted. By then she wasn’t just crying she was weeping.

We brought the dog home, and I laughed seeing Jenny waiting outside. For a split second I saw her at the age of six when she was at her innocence and bipolar wasn’t an issue. I held on to that look on her face. It was a nice memory.

She took the dog off Pooh’s lap. He looked relieved after Charlie  was so happy and squirmiest all the way home. But he handled it like a trooper.

I took some of our tax money to get a truck. I wanted a plan B incase our van breaks down again. It’s a KIA, so I’m learning the hard way labor costs so much because parts are hard to get to. So after putting in another six hundred into it. I wasn’t doing that again.  A 1999 Ford Ranger Truck, stood out from the rest, because it was my favorite color red!!!!!

Pooh totally loves the truck. I’ll roll the windows down and go the back way home while going up and down  he is in total laughter and hand flapping all the way home. That was the added extra

MY truck

happiness I felt knowing I could do anything.


It felt appropriate to write on my Facebook page:

“You said Id never make it on my own. Sorry to disappoint you but while you think the world owes you something, I keep making my goals a reality.”



New Additions To Our Home
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  • February 26, 2018 at 12:16 am

    WOW! Good for you! So many changes in this last year and your life has improved only for the better. You deserve this joy!


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