I had to take Pooh to the walking clinic for a barking cough. He was at the point of saying, “Fix it mommy” so I knew everything I was doing was not working. By the time we parked in the parking lot, my poor buddy blurted out, “I’m so sick of this.”

Trying to praise him for his words, he just looked at me in disgusted as if to say, whatever.

The doctor acted like he didn’t even want to be there which was no help to Pooh. And I dread those words when they say, “I cant give him anything because he doesn’t have a fever” and “It has to run its course” Pooh understood what he said and I could tell he wasn’t happy.

A few days later hes sounding worse so I called to make an appointment. His doctor happened to be available so I took the spot and brought him in. Assuring Pooh his regular doctor was going to see him.

Some how Poohs doctor was 2 hours behind and asked if I wanted to reschedule. Mind you while Pooh is coughing up a lung at this point. I did my best to calmly say, “Seriously”

They gave me a different doctor who happened to be free at the same time as Poohs appointment. I wasn’t happy about it because a doctor who wasn’t familiar with him, prescribed medication that broke him out in hives. But my baby suffering I wasn’t rescheduling.

She looked to young to be a doctor which made me really nervous. Prescribes him Prednisone and Doxycycline. Prednisone I was familiar with but not  Doxycycline. I made sure she was aware of his allergy to the Z pack and made sure it wasn’t anything like it. She assured me it wasn’t.

I left there with that bad feeling at the pit of my stomach. When I get that feeling I usually listen to it.

She wrote the script for two pills, but I only gave him one.

We had some off days which I expected from the prednisone. Then one evening Pooh said he was itchy. I took off his shirt and in panic there was raised like bumps all over his body. While on the phone with a doctor, I could tell his breathing was getting a little funny. She told me if I did give the full dose we would be on our way to the hospital. She offered more prednisone but I said no and suggested just the Benadryl. I slept on the floor by his bed that night, when I would wake up numerous times Id hear his lungs breathing clear. Just enough to get me back to sleep. For a little while anyway.



Found Out Another Allergy, The Hard Way
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One thought on “Found Out Another Allergy, The Hard Way

  • April 8, 2018 at 7:42 pm

    Oh my! So sorry-but it just goes to show you doctors don’t have all the answers.


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