I came across a lot of websites since Pooh’s diagnosis, for free PECS, schedules and social stories and I wanted to share that information with you. Be sure to bookmark the page, so when I find more, it will be added to help my awesome families out there. If you have anything not listed, feel free to contact me with all the information, and I will be sure to add it. My goal for this site is to help provide resources, with love and support. so you don’t feel alone. We are in this together!

Do2Learn They provide plenty of free pages with social skills, schedules, they even have games and songs. There are some parts of the website where books and apps and job tips are available for purchase.

TASN  There is a long list of social stories for free. You will need to have Word, PowerPoint for some of them. I tried opening up one and it even looks like you can edit them to your preference. Awesome stuff!

Potty Training Concepts If your child is ready for the potty training stage, this webpage is a great place to start. There is about 20 charts to choose from to help master using the potty.

Free Visual Recipes This website has some great updated free visual recipes for cooking. This looks like a great idea in my house to get Pooh more independent.

Trainland Tripod  It was so good to see this site still active after all these years. I depended a lot on it, after my son was first diagnosed. It was very helpful with schedules as well as PECS pictures.

Practical Autism Resources has a section on there website that has over 100 free printable items  suitable for tasks. This is so worth checking out.

Free Autism Bundle Sample I printed this out myself and it is very useful to use for any programs you are working on.

15 Free Activity and Choice Communication Boards  Looks like they have a short information form to fill out and they email you the boards.

Living Well With Autism I found some free social stories you can download and laminate