I  love Teachers pay Teachers. They have an impressive selection of terrific authors and teachers who design material for kids of all ages. They create paid and free content you can download right away.

Here is a list of my favorite authors and the free material they offer. I don’t know if they set a limit on how long they make it free so be sure to download so be sure to snatch them up while you are able. Check back often I’ll be updating as I find new material.

Work Boxes and File Folders

 FREE Upper Case and Lower Case Letters Matching Activity – Apples

FREE Autism File Folder Picture Match – Foods

Autism-Friendly Behavior Management Puzzle Token Charts

Free Back To School Memory Game

Free Social Stories

Behavior Social Story

Free Back To School Social Story

Blurting Out Social Story For The Classroom

Visual Cookbooks

FREE Visual Recipes with REAL pictures ( for special education )

Free Visual Recipe: Cereal: for Youths with Autism/Special Ed Classroom