I have always wanted to start a blog. But I figured there was to much technical stuff you need to know. But I have found out you can do it in just a few easy steps.

Web Hosting1. Get a Great Web Hosting. I use Siteground, and they are terrific! Customer Service is the best. They are fast and reliable and eager to help every step of the way if you are a newbie like me. For $3.95 a month and under 10,000 views that is the best place to start.

2. Write what you are passionate about. That is pretty much self explanatory. If you don’t write about what’s important to you. Your less likely to maintain it.

3. Give it  a great eye catching title. Cause people to stop and say, “Hey, what’s that about”

4. Start your first post! Easy peasy lemon squeeze, that’s all there is too it!

5.But also stop to check out an awesome blogger. Her name is Suzi from  StartaMomBlog.com. I highly recommend her book Blog By Number It is jam packed full of ideas downloads and charts you can go by to get your blog started.

I hope to grow up and be like her one day (I know I’m 47 and she much younger than me LOL )and learn to make a great income along with sharing a great topic in my life I care so deeply about 🙂 Enjoy!